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Thomas Dufort

Thomas Dufort

Transition Specialist - Special Education


Provide a flexible, supportive, 18-21 Transition program that accesses multiple, authentic community experiences with a focus on Advocacy, Community Living, Employment and Daily Living Skills. The Norwich Transition Academy facilitates a successful transition from high school student to engaged, active, adult community member.

Our customized transition program for 18- to 21-year olds is centered around meeting the needs and goals of every student to become work-ready adults. All students are taught the necessary skills to navigate the real world. Our caring staff work to develop self-reliant individuals by connecting them with local businesses and organizations to help support their transition to independence.

Students Learn Skills

Every student has a personalized learning plan. They learn skills like time management, budgeting, laundry, meal planning and prep, navigating local transportation, shopping, etc.

Students participate in a variety of authentic vocational training opportunities with job coach support. The Norwich Transition Academy focuses on students developing a vocational plan based on student interest and ability. Our job coaches focus on specific skill acquisition while promoting increased independence within the workplace. The Norwich Transition Academy also instructs students in the skills necessary for securing and maintaining employment with resume writing, interviewing skills and the interpersonal skills necessary for success in the vocational realm, a daily component of the curriculum. 

Students address those skills needed for independent residential living. Nutrition, meal planning and preparation, Laundry and ironing are addressed daily. Students develop increased functional academics necessary for community functioning like money skills, budgeting, and internet use and safety. Students are instructed on interpersonal social skills, creating and maintaining healthy relationships.

Norwich Transition Academy students learn about and access adult service providers. Students participate in public transport training to access community locations and participate in the planning and execution of age appropriate leisure activities. Students learn banking skills authentically in their community.  Norwich Transition Academy students visit and develop an understanding of housing options within their community.

Work locations offered: